Rocky Mount Thru Axle, L-Track Mounting Kit

  • Hard mount bolt-down to carry thru-axle forks. Includes all three popular axle standards,12x100mm, 15x100mm, and “Boost” 15x110mm thru-axles.
  • Carries 1 bike, up to 35 lbs
  • 15x150mm sleeve sold separately to carry RockShox Bluto or other 15x150mm forks. 
  • Footprint measures 4.5” long, 1.6” wide and to the center of the through-axle sits 2.6” above the bottom of the base
  • Axles can be swapped with set screws.  If frequent axle change is required, see the DriveShaft HM, fits both 15x100 & 15x110 without axle change.
  • The HotRod does not work with 12x110mm thru-axles

**L-Track Not Included**

RB Components is proud to offer Rocky Mounts in a kit to mount to your l-track. Available in both a quick release axle or thru axle mount. The mounts are mounted to a 1/4" aluminum plate which is then mounted directly to your l-track. Mounts easliy using the 4 arm twist knobs to secure to l-track.