24" w/Extension Adjustable Bed Frame - Individual

  • 24"w/extension accessory panel for adjustable panel bed kits
  • 57"- 69.5" Adjustment (centerline where rail sits in channel of bed)
  • Choose from 3/8" laminated hex board or 1/4" bamboo top panels
  • EZ glide slider tubes
  • aluminum fabricated bed frame in a black powdercoat finish
  • aluminum fabricated bed frame in a black powdercoat finish
  • stainless steel hardware throughout
  • spring loaded locking pins to keep panels securely mounted in rails
  • made in the usa

RB's adjustable 24"w/extension panel bed frames can be added to exsisting adjustable panel bed kits allowing for an even longer length bed setup. Our bed frames can collapse down to 57.75" and extend out to 69.75". Each bed is hand fabricated in aluminum and built using stainless steel hardware. Choose from either a black laminated 3/8" hex board. Or add a little style with our 1/4" bamboo top panels. Each bed frame panel comes with two spring loaded self locking pins which allow the bed to be securely mounted onto the bed mounting rails. Our open hole top panel design allows for your bed cushion or mattress to give a little, allowing the mattress to feel softer and in return a better night sleep. 

Top Panel Type: Hex Board