2007-2018 / Sprinter Van Rear Door Lower Stuff Bag Kit - w/Graphite Upholstered Panels, OEM Door Windows

  • Add lots of storage without losing any usable space
  • Rear Door Stuff Bags with Graphite Upholstered Panels
  • Made from extremely durable sail cloth & heavy duty netting
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A. 


Note: These upholstered panels are designed to fit vans with factory installed rear door windows.

This kit is designed to fit a 2007-2018 Sprinter Van with factory installed rear door windows. The kit includes driver's and passenger's rear door lower performance graphite tweed upholstered panels and stuff bags. 2 panels and 2 stuff bags. Kit also includes black self-drilling screws for lower door panel mounting. Add additional storage to your van without sacrificing any really usable space. Custom template cut, 1/4-inch white birch lower door cover panels are upholstered with 1/8-inch foam and graphite tweed and provide a mounting surface for the gear stuff bags which slide over the panels like a pouch. So the back side of the gear stuff bag will end up behind the door panel when mounted. Note: Our lower panel gear stuff bags will not fit onto factory rear door panels. Gear stuff bags are made with durable mini-diamond titanium sail cloth which is waterproof and has mesh panels on either side to allow items inside pouch to breath. Elastic at the top of the bag helps keep items in the bag during transit. When installing this kit, the stuff bags will first slide over the upholstered door panels and then the door panel with bag on it is screwed to the door with screws provided. The screws will drill their own hole and do not line up with any factory mounting holes. The panel mounting screws will pierce the back of the stuff bag when installed. For the lower mounting screws, hold the mesh aside allowing the screw head to be accessed near the edge of the bag/panel when installing.