6ft, 170 & 170 EXT Cushion Kits

  • Dual layer foam design
  • 3" cooling gel foam on top of a 1" high resiliant foam
  • Charcoal grey cloth fabric w/retro stitch pattern design
  • Choose cushion kit based on panel configuration below
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

**Note: cushion kits ship freight. To save on shipping it is best to order along with panel bed order.

Each cushion kit RB makes has been rigurously tested to meet the high standards RB Components is known for. Our dual layer foam design of a 3" cooling gel on top of a high resiliant 1" base foam gives each cushion the extra comfort. Finished off in our charcoal cloth cover with a retro center stitch pattern. These cushion kits are made to fit the 6ft, 170 and 170 ext kits.

Panel Bed Kit Sizes   Overall Length
3x 24" panels 6'ft.        (72" inches)
1x 24"w/ext & 2x24" panels  6.4'ft.        (77.75" inches.)
Choose with or without extension: 3x 24" std cushions