07+ Sprinter Van Ceiling Liner Kit, 144"WB Plywood

  • Provides consistent interior finish
  • Helps quiet road noise
  • Helps maintain temperature control 
  • Made from: 1/4" White Birch Plywood
  • Precise Fit for 144"WB High Roof Cargo Van
  • Panels attach to ceiling ribs with self-drilling screws
  • Layout guide and fasteners included
  • Kit also available for low roof vans - call our sales department for more information
  • Ceiling panel kit does not include wall panels or door panels
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

**This product ships via motor freight, call for a shipping quote at 562-802-1200

Note: No lighting or ventilation provisions are included.

RB Components 07+ Sprinter Van Ceiling Liner Kit for the 170 will give your sprinter that finished interior look. The precise fit of this kit makes installation easy and helps reduce road noise while traveling.

Installation Notes:

*Ceiling liner panels install prior to wall liner panels

* If your van has them, the big black Styrofoam blocks up in the corners behind the driver's compartment headliner need to be removed prior to installation of our ceiling liner kit. The are just "snapped" and friction fit. Remove by pulling out and up from the bottom.

* Rear panel is attached using 4 small metal angle brackets which attach to rear door frame header and then the panel screws into the angle brackets

* Rear panel may have to be slightly modified to fit around OEM wiring harness at driver's side rear door frame area. When we install them here at RB Components, we always relocate the wiring harness inside the door frame, but that is advanced wiring work and not 100% necessary if you cut a small notch in the back of the rear panel to clear the wiring.

* Front panel is notched to clear the OEM driver's compartment headliner clips, but the standard clips are too short to allow the ceiling liner panel to be "sandwiched" between the OEM headliner and the ceiling rib. If not using our B-pillar trim kit which includes a trim strip to help with this installation, you may have to fabricate and install a simple angle bracket which attaches to the rear vertical part of the ceiling rib so that the panel can be screwed into that piece.