2007-2018 / Sprinter Van B-Pillar Trim Kit - Carbon Fiber Look

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2007-2018 / Sprinter Van B-Pillar Trim Kit - Carbon Fiber Look

Item Number: 61999-66-02-BV

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  • Give your van that custom look!
  • Fits 2007+ Cargo Sprinter Vans
  • High Roof Van Kit
  • B-Pillar Trim Kit, Carbon Fiber Look
  • Fully assembled, easy to install
  • Includes installation hardware

**Item takes about 2-3 buisness days to ship**

Now you can purchase the same trim parts that the RB Components shop uses in our custom conversions!

RB Components B-Pillar Trim Kit is primarily designed to cover the voids left in the upper corners of the ceiling at the rear of the driver's compartment OEM headliner. Stock Sprinter cargo vans usually have large black styrofoam blocks installed to block these voids left by the absence of the rear cargo area headliner. To explain it further, as the OEM headliner transitions from ceiling to wall, it curves in a radius. The open space behind that curvature is what is visible when the styrofoam blocks are removed.

"Why do I need to remove the black styrofoam pieces?" you ask? Besides being ugly and bulky, the foam blocks cannot be used when installing our Sprinter Van Wall Liner or Ceiling Liner kits. The foam blocks lock into the side walls where our liner panels cover. You also lose valuable wall real estate for mounting upper wall cabinets.

RB Components B-Pillar Trim Kit is fabricated from poplar core plywood as well as white birch plywood hand-cut with our fine tuned templates. The fabricated wood trim pieces are then upholstered with either black carbon fiber look vinyl or graphite tweed. (kits listed separately) Our standard approach is; if the walls are tweed and the ceiling is white, we use the carbon fiber trim. If the ceiling is upholstered with tweed like the wall liners, then we use tweed on the trim. The choice is yours.

Kit Includes:

* Right and left side black carbon fiber vinyl B-Pillar Trim panels
* Center trim strip, black carbom fiber vinyl wrapped
* Black self-drilling screws

Important Notes:

1. Our B-Pillar Trim Kit is designed to mount into vans with the correct OEM B-Pillar trim panels installed. There are two versions available. The first, incorrect version is a "full-wrap" trim panel. The plastic factory trim panels completely cover the steel B-Pillars from front to rear. The version needed is what we call a "half-wrap" trim panel. This version is what the factory installs if the van is "Factory Partition Ready". The plastic trim panels cover the front and side of the B-Pillar but stop short before turning towards the cargo area. If you don't have the correct OEM trim panels, don't panic. We stock them and sell them. Click HERE. (coming soon)

2. For the perfect fit which we try to achieve, the trim panels are made slightly different dimensions depending on whether you are using a pre-painted white aluminum ceiling liner kit or a plywood or upholstered ceiling liner kit. The clearance from floor to ceiling surface is different for all three different ceiling liner kit options. If you order a ceiling liner kit at the same time as this trim kit, we'll make the kit appropriately. If buying a la carte, we will contact you to verify which ceiling liner panel option you are using.

3. Written/illustraded installation instructions are not included. We can share lots of pictures with you and help you via phone but we're still working on installation instructions.

Width (inch.) 6.00"
Height (inch.) 75.00"
Depth (inch.) 6.00"
Weight (lbs.) N/A

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