Maxxair Maxfan Deluxe Roof Vent

  • Built-in smoke color rain cover
  • Powerful 10 speed intake & exhaust fan
  • Thermostat to maintain temperature
  • Wireless Remote control included
  • Provides over 900 CFM air movement
  • Fan runs with lid closed to circulate air
  • All mounting screws & hardware included
  • Roof sealant sold separately
  • Model 7500K


NOTE: Keep in mind that one vent fan running with all doors and windows closed means no air movement, use two vent vans for optimal air flow.

The Maxxair Deluxe Roof Vent fan offers a low profile design when closed yet still has air moving capability. When two fans are mounted on the van (front/back) this allows for maximum air movement with one fan bringing fresh air in and the opposite fan taking the air out.

Width (inch.) 16.40"
Height (inch.) 5.00"
Depth (inch.) 23.00"
Weight (lbs.) N/A

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