January 2020 Adventure Journal

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RB Adventure Family
RB Components - Welcome Mike and Allison. What attracted you to look for an adventure van?
Mike and Allison - 
it all started with aquiring a Moto Van for our Stand Up Paddleboard Company. We used it the way it was for 3 years. Then wanted to make it more modern, so we gutted it and remodeled it with RB gear. A year later wanted to convert it to 4x4, but couldn't justify another $12-15k, that's when the search began for a 4x4 adventure van.
RB Components - How did you hear about RB Components?
Mike and Allison -
 An RB Instagram post came across my feed about a year before we remodeled the Moto/SUP van. Actually built it out with RB Stuff.
RB Components - Building out an adventure van is fun but there are so many options. How did you decide on the layout and what you wanted in your RB Adventure Van?
Mike and Allison - 
It started with inquiring about a base 4x4 build that was shown as available. Called and talked to Raymond (owner) one day, just happened to be a couple days after a new buyer backed out of a scheduled build, so I slipped into the schedule with a deposit on the van. Over time it progressed a bit at a time with ideas that I wanted, with Raymond consulting on best location etc. Left it pretty much up to him, I just kept adding stuff over time... Well my wife too...
RB Components - What is one of the favorite things you like most about your van?

Mike and Allison - The versatile of it, largely modular in that we can change the configuration as needed. The bed can be utilized as 3 panel for both of us and the dogs. Or just two panels leaving more counter space if just me on longer trips or single panel suspended lengthwise opening up the back more to freely go back and forth from cabin to shuttle/shower. Also never having to look for a place to go to the bathroom or take a shower!! The way it drives!! It's an amazing rig!!
RB Components - Now that you have an RB Adventure Van for a while, where are some of the places you have visited?

Mike and Allison - No big trips yet, as we are both so busy. Mostly weekend trips to the coast or Sierra's for us as a family. Myself I use it all the time for weekend cycling races or destination training rides. We did live out of it for a week on the Mendocino Coast when we were evacuated during the fires.
RB Components - You do a lot of social media posts about your van experiences and the places you have visited. How can everyone follow you on social media to see what you guys are up to?

Mike and Allison - mendolakesup is the Instagram page, though I'm not sure how exciting it is.
RB Components - We really appreciate taking the time to answer these questions. What would you have to say about people that are on the fence about getting into the Adventure Van lifestyle and why they should choose RB Components for their Adventure Van needs?

Mike and Allison - I personally can't express enough how much we love the Adventure Van Lifestyle! The versatility of it, weekend trips or weeklong excursions, it is AWESOME! We do not miss our toyhauler at all! We are both so happy with the quality of the build and customer service by RB Components! The level of detail is incredible. Everyone that checks out the van is amazed when they look closely. It truly is well built! For months while waiting to pick up the van I thought "shit, have I made the biggest financial mistake of my life?" Truly was stressed about it, even after driving it home had second thoughts... after my frist trip in it, I've had zero regrets!! In fact EVERY time I travel in it, I think to myself... I LOVE THIS VAN!!