Take Out Panel Bed 6

Take Out Panel Bed 36" High - Graphite Tweed

  • Intended for use in Sprinter 144 length vans
  • Includes 3 panels (1x 16", 1x 24" and 1x 24" w/ext)
  • Bottom of bed when mounted is 36" off the floor. Set height
  • Bed length 5' 8"
  • Aluminum welded frame
  • Graphite Tweed wrapped panels
  • Bed rail locking pins on each panel
  • Some wear is visible on top of panel
  • Panel bed rails NOT included. You can purchase these HERE

**Take out item and sold as is. The panels being sold (are our older style panels) do not line up with the locking pin location in mounting rails when all 3 panels are laid out. When traveling you can align one panel with a locking pin location and then stack the remaining two panels on top and secure with a strap.**

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