Limited Edition Seat Backrest Cushion - Loose

  • For use with Limited Edition Folding Sofa Bench
  • Gives you sofa comfort with the modular stowability of the bench seat
  • Durable marine-grade carbon fiber look viny
  • Extra foam layer bonded to cover for supple feel
  • Graphite Gray stitching design for that custom look
  • If ordering with bench seat, we will match the size
  • If ordering independantly, specify which size you want ( 58 or 76)

These cushions are completely manufactured and assembled with the finest textured vinyl and contrasting stitching that give the appearance of carbon fiber.

Add this to your Folding Sofa Bench Seat to add the comfort of a backrest. This cushion is triangular in shape and just rests on top of the Folding Sofa Bench Seat at the rear. When folding up the bench seat, simply lift off the cushion and stow it elseware.

Material: Durable carbon fiber look black vinyl and soft density seating foam.

Width (Inches) N/A
Height (Inches) N/A
Depth (Inches) N/A
Weight (lbs.) N/A

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