L-Track Fitting Threaded Stud Fitting

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L-Track Fitting Threaded Stud Fitting

Item Number: 2506

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  • Threaded Stud Mounting For L Track
  • 3/8"-24 x 0.90"L Stud
  • 0º Vertical Breaking Strength: 5,000 lbs./2272 kgs.

Threaded stud fitting positions itself in the L Track to secure frequently moved cabinets, workbenches, parts, etc. Simply remove the nut & place your item over the threaded stud to secure your item.

Logistic Track Fittings WARNING: All ratings for Series E or A fittings are based on using 2494 track. Ratings may be reduced when fittings are used in other tracks.

Width (inch.) 1.66"
Height (inch.) 0.9"
Depth (inch.) 0.72"
Weight (lbs.) 0.10

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