Adjustable Panel Bed L-Track Bracket

  • add vertical adjustability to your panel bed
  • kit includes 4 l-track mounting plates and l-track threaded studs only
  • mounting plates work with 4ft, 6ft and Sprinter 144 Panel Bed Kits 

     Note: vertical wall brace kit and l-track not included

Not sure which height works for you or just want to leave your options open. No problem RB Components has all the parts to turn your adjustable panel bed to fit your van at any height. Add a vertical wall brace kit first to give you the necessary strength behind your walls. Once installed and walls are up then l-track can be mounted and fastened to the wall. With l-track now mounted vertically in your van you have now made the necessary setup to allow your panel bed to be set any any height with a bed that works for that application.