2007+ Sprinter Van Panel Bed, 170"WB Ext

Many hours of research and development were invested in perfecting this panel bed kit for 2007+ Mercedes Sprinter vans!
Precisely engineered for the perfect fit, these panel bed kits are the ultimate sleeping/storage solution for Sprinter vans.

> Pre-drilled mounting brackets
> Light weight aluminum frames
> Mini-texture black powder coated frames
> Graphite tweed wrapped plywood panel covers
> Spring-loaded locking pins to keep panels safely in place
> Rubber friction trim on mounting tracks keeps noise under control

> Easy to install, no van body modifications needed*
> Full sized adult sleeping accomodations* without sacrificing storage capacity
> Easily stacked or removed for maximum storage space when bed is not being used
> Use as a storage deck to double your effective storage space

Standard Configurations:
> 144"WB - 64.750" Wall Mount Bracket Set, (2) 24" Bed Panels, (1) 16.375" Bed Panel. Standard bed length is 64.375"
> 170"WB - 51.075" & 54.875" Wall Mount Bracket Sets (4 brackets, total track length 105.95"), (3) 24" Bed Panels. Standard bed lenth is 72"
> 170"WB Ext - 51.075" & 54.875" Wall Mount Bracket Sets (4 brackets, total track length 105.95"), (3) 24" Bed Panels. Standard bed lenth is 72"

There are two different mounting heights possible depending on customer preference. Measured from the floor up, the options are 36" and 45". The shorter 36" mounting height allows for increased headroom while sitting on the bed surface especially if a full sized mattress is being used or there are wall cabinets intalled in the bed area. The higher 45" mounting height allows enough room for most bicycles, small quads and other toys/gear to be stowed underneath the bed but still has enough room up on the bed to sleep comfortably or store other items. Bed panels are not interchangeable between the 2 mounting height options.

These panel beds are configurable to your own needs and preferences. Depending on the van model and overall track length, you can add panels for a larger sleeping/storage surface and/or swap out the rear panel for an extended version which takes advantage of extra space around the rear door frame area. Standard bed panels are 24" long. Rear bed panels are available in an extended version which adds nearly 6" of extra bed length at the center without sacrificing additional wall space.

Note: Although these beds can be installed directly to the van body with sheet metal screws, rivet nuts are included in the kit which require a special tool to install and allow a stronger mounting solution to the thin body panel material. For optimum load carrying capabilities and safety, we recommend the installation of steel flat bar material which is welded to the van body at the proper height. You can purchase the special tool required for the installation of rivet nuts here. You can also purchase the panel bed mounting reinforcement kit here.

Width (inch.) N/A
Height (inch.) N/A
Depth (inch.) N/A
Weight (lbs.) N/A