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Sprinter Van Wall Cabinet, 16"H x 14"D x 24"W RHH

  • Silver Main Frame, Powder coated
  • White Cover Panels and Door, Powder coated
  • Double Lined Doors
  • Textured Chrome Trigger Latch for Easy Opening and Closing
  • Single, Horizontal Swinging Door, Right Side Hinge
  • Full Door Length Piano Hinge 
  • Mounting Flanges, Full Rear Perimeter
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

**No back panel included with cabinet.  Whatever van wall finishing you have or are missing will be what you see inside the cabinet.

*NOTE: Designed for use in Cargo Vans. Not compatible with OEM headliner.  Sprinter van walls must be reinforced and wall gaps bridged for proper installation. 1/8" flat steel bar recommended, but 3/4" plywood will work. Shelves are not available for Sprinter Wall Cabinets as the depth of the cabinet changes with height.  

Manufactured using 5052 Aluminum, RB Components Wall Cabinets are built to last with the finest materials. The lightweight durable design allows these cabinets to be mounted just about anywhere. Gives your garage/trailer/van that professional finished look. 

All Sprinter Wall Cabinets ship flat-packed to save shipping cost.  These cabinets are assembled using custom step bolts and nylon lock nuts for easy assembly with included assembly instructions.  Inside door liner panels are pop-riveted on, but the complete face with door, hinge, latch will come completely assembled.  You will only need to attach side panels, top, and bottom panels.  Cabinets can be shipped completely assembled for no additional cost except for the higher shipping charges.  Due to the various wall reinforcement materials and applications, mounting fasteners are not included.

Please allow 3-5 days to assemble and ship all cabinet orders.  All individual cabinet parts are stocked powder coated and ready for assembly.

Cabinet dimensions are overall dimensions.  For door opening, subtract 2" from Length & Width. 

When installing multiple cabinets side-by-side, be sure to bolt them together through the side panels on a work bench before installing multiple cabinets as one assembly.  This will make it easier to line the cabinets up and prevent any noise from cabinets rubbing due to van wall flexing.