2007-2018 / Sprinter Van 12 Volt High Capacity Power System Kit

  • Major components for your High Capacity auxiliary 12 volt power system
  • Use this kit for higher power demands or longer term use off-grid
  • Separate your 12 volt accessory power from your main vehicle power
  • Intended for use in Sprinter vans
  • Batteries are not included


This kit was developed by the experts at the RB Components Manufacturing shop!

When you are using your Sprinter van, trailer or work truck for an extended period of time and worry about draining your main vehicle battery, you need a system to handle your power needs and give you piece of mind that you won't get stranded. Run your 12 volt lights, charge your cell-phones and run other 12 volt accessories all day long. We recommend using a deep cycle AGM batteries with at least 220 AH for maximum system potential and performance.

Kit includes:
> 1 - RB Components Dual 6-volt Battery Tray(use GC2 group size batteries)
> 1 - *Updated - Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay with Manual Control
> 1 - *Updated - Blue Sea Systems Remote Switch for ACR w/mounting plate
> 1 - Blue Sea Systems 6 Circuit ST Blade Fuse Block w/cover
> 3 - ATC 15 Amp Fuses
> 3 - ATC 25 Amp Fuses
> 1 - Round Voltage Gauge
> 2 - Blue Sea Systems Dual USB Charger Socket w/cover (2.1A output)
> 2 - Blue Sea Systems 12-volt Utility Dash Charger Socket w/cover (15A output)

NOTE! - Improper installation of this kit could lead to unsafe conditions including fires, injuries or death.
This electrical system requires above-average skills and experience with automotive electrical systems to install correctly. Component mounting locations and wire routing is determined by overall vehicle design and layout.  See links to Blue Sea Systems wiring diagrams and instructions below.  See the link above to the RB Components Dual 6-volt Battery Tray for more pictures and installation tips.  We recommend highly skilled and qualified installers only with this kit!

General Instructions/Wiring Diagrams:

Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay with Remote Switch

Blue Sea Systems ST Blade Fuse Block w/Cover

Blue Sea Systems Dual USB & 12-Volt Utility Dash Charger Socket