Grey TPO Flooring - Coin


  • State-of-the-art technology advanced TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) flooring membrane
  • Versatile enough to meet almost any interior or exterior application requiring resistance to weather, chemicals and traffic.
  • Black nickel plate design
  • Stocked in 97" wide roll and sold per linear foot (97" x 12") individual
  • Or purchase in pre-cut lengths per van size (see below). Sheets come slightly oversized so you can trim wheel wells and overall length to correct sizing.
  • Pairs perfect with our TPO Coin Adhesive (#61511) 


144"      - 12 feet of flooring

170"      - 15 feet of flooring

170"ext - 16 feet of flooring

What's So Amazing?

Décor TPO is highly chemical resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, antifreeze, battery acid, engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, cleansers and many other common chemicals.

It meets all safety regulation criteria for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) #302 Certification. Unlike competitive vinyl (PVC) membrane products, the TPO will not emit toxic fumes when burnt.

Décor TPO has excellent weathering characteristics, durability and mechanical performance with inherent UV stability and skid resistance. This makes it a tremendous high traffic and extreme exposure membrane.

It does not emit any notable odor commonly experienced with competitive rubber-based membranes.

TPO flooring incorporates a spun polyester (fleece) backing, which is mechanically attached during the extrusion manufacturing process. This backing enables TPO flooring to be easily bonded to a variety of porous wood surfaces. Alpha Systems 3080 TPO Flooring Adhesive is recommended for bonding TPO flooring.

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