2007-2018 Sprinter Seat Swivel Adapter

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2007-2018 Sprinter Seat Swivel Adapter

Item Number: 61999-02

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  • 2007-2018 Sprinter Front Seat Swivel Adapter
  • For 2019 Sprinter Vans - Modification Needed (TOP & BOTTOM)
  • Highest Quality European Design
  • Quiet nylon disk wear plate
  • No ball bearings
  • Raises seat height by 1.75-inches
  • Simple 30 minute installation 
  • Works with heated seats/lumbar option
  • Same part for driver & passenger side
  • Non-Offset Swivel

**Note: Driver side swivel will not work with Standard height pedestal, parking brake lever will interfere with swivel operation.  Only compatible on driver's side with lower height seat base.

Sleek, durable design allow front seats to swivel around 180° and face rearward, creating an inviting lounge area behind the driver's compartment. Swivels lock in the forward-facing direction for safety during travel.

Installation is very straight forward. These swivels mount to the original seat base pedestal and the factory seat remounts back on top of the swivel. The swivels add 1.75" to overall seat height. Wiring for seat heaters or power lumber can pass through the center ring. Swivels come with complete installation instructions.


  1. Depress the red locking handle at the front of the swivel and turn the seat slightly to keep the lock unlocked
  2. Open the adjacent door (driver or passenger front door) slightly for clearance during travel
  3. Slide the seat to the forward-most position (this allows the arm-rest to clear the b-pillar when rotating)
  4. Rotate the seat towards the center of the van until you have reached the desired position
  5. Slide seat to desired front to back position
  6. Enjoy!
Width (inch.) 18.00
Height (inch.) 2.125
Depth (inch.) 18.00
Weight (lbs.) N/A

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